We are offering for sale a big compact property, constructed from a number of residential and non-residential units surrounding the plot, which create a unique enclosed entity with a great deal of privacy. The property is located in Karst, in the old romantic village Goče.

The property allows for various construction projects with various purposes to be developed there. The advertised sqm are including only two main houses, whereas the total size is much larger. Some of the constructions are 200 years old and offer an incredible insight into the reach cultural and architectural inheritance of the past. In one of the buildings there is access to two deep wine cellars carved into stone. The property is currently not in permanent use, but the owners are using it as their vacation destination and are making sure that it is well-maintained at all times. Buildings need renovation.

Access to the property is possible from two sides. It is suitable to be used as a big private property for larger groups, or it can be developed for hotel, tourist, catering, medical and other services. Beautiful views onto the surrounding hills.

Year: 1820
Location: Karst, Goče
Size: House: 624 sqm Plot: 4556 sqm

Price: 500,000 EUR

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