In the village of Srednja vas in Bohinj an older detached house is for sale. It is located by the Ribnica brook. On the plot that is 772sqm big are two more buildings, a barn and a former sawmill, which was propeled by the water from the brook. The house and the barn were built in 1902, the sawmill even before that, in 1880. The latter is 89sqm big, the barn 68sqm and the house 103sqm. The house has two floors, the ground floor and the mansard, but there is some more usable space in the attick to be gained.

The house is in a bad condition, but represents a great shell for reconstruction. The whole plot is buildable therefore it is possible to build a new house and also turn the barn into a residential unit.

Considering the property’s location in one of the most visited tourist destinations it is an excellent investment opportunity that offers a quick return.

Year: 1902
Location: Srednja vas v Bohinju
Size: house 103sqm, barn 68sqm, sawmill 89sqm
Bedrooms: possibility of 3-4


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