Situated on the the western shore of Lake Bled is a unique and secluded land plot with a house on it from the 70s located comfortably in the shade of the forest and lake.

The land is located near the lake and hidden enough that it is not visible from the footpath by the lake. Construction in the surrounding area is forbidden, so privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed. Access to the land is by the train station, from which you descend to the lake.

It is distinguished by its beautiful location, which is well protected from the impact of tourism in the area on the one hand, and at the same time right next to the lake. The surrounding trees provide a curtain that offers shade and privacy in summer, and in winter, when the leaves fall, the view opens to the entire lake and light penetrates to the last corner of the land.

Currently, it stands on the ground floor of an older house 12 m high and the land under the building is approximately 100 m2.

The land surrounding the land being sold is currently in use or rented, with the possibility of extending the right to lease. It covers approx 1000 m2

If you want a premium location with an unforgettable view of Lake Bled, this is one of a kind.

Year: 1972
Location: Bled
Size: 221 Sqm, Plot: aprox. 1000 Sqm
Parking: Has parking in-front of house + Garage

Price On Request

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