This is a beautifully preserved house offering 155 sqm of living area built in 2001. House stands on a 5000 sqm of land. The house is move-in ready with all the furniture included. At the moment the house is still occupied by the owner.

The house was built by the owner who put a lot of effort in creating a beautiful home for himself and making a bespoke furniture. House has a few special features, for example, the door frames are all custom made, because the owner is quite tall (almost 2m). For that reason, all the ceilings are a bit higher as well.

All the wood in the house is from the local area, some of it also from neighboring plots. The house has radiators and a Vailant gas central heating system with floor heating in rooms with tiles. There is also a wood burner and a wood burning stove that sends heat to central system.  House is fully insulated, both thermal and hydro. For watering plants there is a private (owned by the house owner) water reservoir with its own water system (on tap).

Year: built in 2001
Location: Železniki
Size: living area 155 sqm, plot size 5000 sqm
Bedrooms: /
Bathrooms: /
Parking: yes
Extra: beautifully preserved house

Price: 180,000 EUR

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