This cozy cottage is situated near Bohinj lake in village Ribčev laz and was completed in 2002. Only a couple of minutes walk from Bohinj lake there is a 100 sqm weekend house with flexible spatial arrangements. A living room that becomes a part of the patio, that is a part of the landscape. The living space is also a kitchen and dining room. Changing times and seasons give rise to changing spatial qualities, a large space evolves into smaller intimate spaces.The house offers a life in and with nature.The design of the house reflects perfectly the desire for peace and simplicity of life in the Slovenian atmosphere and offers the ability to experience the elements close at hand.

Year: 2002
Location: Ribčev Laz
Size: Land: 324 sqm, House: 100 sqm with a 25,5 sqm terrace
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Extra: Laundry room


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