In the village of Koprivnik in Bohinj a great piece of farm land is for sale. It is 23.200m2 big. There are two buildings there, a shepard’s hut and a stable, both built in 1890 and partially renovated in 1992. The shepard’s hut has 31m2 of space, and the stable 68m2.

The hut has limited use for farming purposes, and has potential of rentig out to tourists under the condition that the owner has the status of a farmer, which can be acquired under certain conditions. The stable has two parts, the lower part was used for livestock, the upper part for keeping the hay. The buildings aren’t connected to electricity and water grid, but both are near by, there are no toilet facilities.

By the buildings there is a macadam road, and the land that is for sale is above and under the road.

Year: 1890
Location: Koprivnik v Bohinju
Size: hut 31m2, stable 68m2
Bedrooms: /
Bathrooms: /


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