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  • Triglav National Park

All our holiday rental properties are let and managed by SPD, which means all properties are also fully maintained by SPD and therefore guests benefit from our 24hr service call-outs for any technical or other issues which may occur during your stay. We will provide you with all the relative information about the property, confirm your booking and that payments have been received. Rentals are paid into the owners bank accounts in Slovenia. For ease of access each property is fitted with a key-safe for guests to gain access at any arrival time. You will be sent a unique code for the key-safe along with your reservation confirmation. This means that you are under no pressure to arrive at a pre-agreed time and can simply let yourself in at your convenience, like-wise on departures, simply lock, place key back in key-safe.

We have excellent relationships with all our property owners and they want as much as we do that you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay in the holiday homes! I can also help arrange family gatherings, weddings, conferences and outdoor adventures.

Please feel free to email me with any special requests at [email protected]

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